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Estrada de Paraty-Mirim, s/nº

Paraty-Mirim - Paraty - RJ

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To get to Paraty-Mirim by car


From Sao Paulo: Ayrton Senna | Carvalho Pinto | Tamoios | Rio-Santos or Ayrton Senna | Carvalho Pinto | Oswaldo Cruz | Rio-Santos


From Rio de Janeiro: Dutra | Barra Mansa - Angra | Rio-Santos.

When arriving at km 585 of Rio-Santos, use the roundabout of access to Paraty-Mirim. After entering the road, cross the bridge and keep to the left for 6 km. The Pousada is on the right side and at the gate there is the Paraty Paradiso sign, next to the Association of locals of the region.

To get to Paraty-Mirim by bus

If you need or prefer to arrive by bus in Paraty Paradiso, you can take the bus called Paraty-Mirim at Paraty bus station and get off at the entrance of the Pousada. The schedules are:

Paraty Bus Sation -Paraty-Mirim (Monday to Saturday): 5h30 | 6h30 | 8h10 | 9h40 | 11h20 | 14h | 15h40 | 18h40 | 20h10 | 22h30

Paraty-Mirim x Paraty Bus Sation (Monday to Saturday): 6h10 | 7h10 | 8h50 | 10h20 | 12h | 14h40 | 16h30  | 19h30 | 21h | 23h10

Paraty Bus Sation x Paraty-Mirim (Sundays and public holidays): 6h30 | 9h30 | 11h30 | 15h30 | 17h | 18h40

Paraty-Mirim x Paraty Bus Sation (Sundays and public holidays): 7h10 | 10h10 | 12h10 | 16h10 | 17h40 | 19h20